Opening Ceremony May 15, 2020
Zhou B Art Center, Chicago
Works Selected for the Exhibition by Sergio Gomez & Didi Menendez

This call is open to members of our platform. Either the creator or the muse must be a member. For example a member may have their portrait executed by someone outside the group and it may be submitted. Or a member of the group may execute a portrait of an artist or poet outside of our group. Or two members may collaborate. Poets may also contribute a poem based on someone’s artistic work. Anyone who is a member may be the muse to a creator who is not a muse.


Artists may not post the works in progress online or final images of completed portraits. We would like like to unveil all the portraits in the issue so the sitter also should not see the finished portrait until the publication and virtual or physical exhibition is online or hung.

Members should take photos or videos of the process and include in the folder. Read our general guidelines before submitting.

Works may not have been completed before January 1, 2019.

For this call anyone who qualifies and participates will be included in the online publication. Works selected to exhibit at the Zhou B Art center by Sergio Gomez and Didi Menendez. The works must be available to sell through the Zhou B Art Center and Artsy.


All mediums are accepted including photography, digital renderings, painting, poetry, other writings including articles about an artist’s work, drawings, video and anything else you feel qualifies as a well defined portrait of the subject.


  1. Are you a member or is your subject a member? If yes proceed.

  2. Folders should contain high resolution images, 4 point bio, process photos, and a statement from your muse that you have been granted to right to portray their likeness in a portrait for this publication.

  3. Keep the process images and final artwork away from social media. The intention is for the muse to see the portrait when it exhibits or when it is posted on the website and/or Artsy the day after the exhibition.

  4. Is the work available to sell through the Zhou B Art Center? If no, then thank you for reading through the guidelines.


May 15, 2020 at the Zhou B Art Center.


Submissions open January 1, 2020. The deadline is February 15, 2020. A link will be provided when the submissions are open.

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10.00 every month for 8 months

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