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The Creator and The Muse

We are publishing another issue of portraits. Check here for the previous issue which features portraits of artists and poets. For this issue we are opening it up to our members which includes artists, poets, writers, and collectors.

This call is open to members of our platform. Either the creator or the muse must be a member. For example a member may have their portrait executed by someone outside the group and it may be submitted. Or a member of the group may execute a portrait of an artist or poet outside of our group. Or two members may collaborate. Poets may also contribute a poem based on someone’s artistic work. Anyone who is a member may be the muse to a creator who is not a muse.

This will be a publication and virtual exhibition unless we find a physical venue to show the works.


Artists may not post the works in progress online or final images of completed portraits. We would like like to unveil all the portraits in the issue so the sitter also should not see the finished portrait until the publication and virtual or physical exhibition is online or hung.

Members should take photos or videos of the process and include in the folder. Read our general guidelines before submitting.

Works may not have been completed before January 1, 2019.

The deadline is October 1, 2019.

The deadline for press consideration is August 1, 2019.

For this call anyone who qualifies and participates will be included in the publication. No rejections.

Publication will take place sometime in December 2019. The format for the publication will be available online and a PDF will be available to download. No print-on-demand will be available for this issue.

The works must be available to sell through the venue selected.


If you are a member please use the universal submission form. If you are not sure what this is, the link is posted in the Patreon page or ask Didi Menendez.

If you are not a member then ask your subject who is a member to email you the link to submit.


All mediums are accepted including photography, digital renderings, painting, poetry, other writings including articles about an artist’s work, drawings, video and anything else you feel qualifies as a well defined portrait of the subject.


  1. Are you a member or is your subject a member? If yes proceed.

  2. Folders should contain high resolution images, 4 point bio, process photos, and a statement from your muse that you have been granted to right to portray their likeness in a portrait for this publication.

  3. Keep the final portrait to unveil in the publication and/or exhibition venue’s. Do not show process images on Instagram or social media. If you are a creator and a member then the work will be eligible for sales. If you are not a member then the work will only be published.

  4. Is the work available to sell through the venue confirmed? If no, then thank you for reading through the guidelines.


Spring 2020 (dates TBA), Zhou B Art Center


Carlos Gallostra and Michael Pearce

Colleen Stapleton and Narelle Stapleton

Daevid Anderson and Anastasiya Chy-Fender

Daevid Anderson and Andrew Nicholls

Daniel Maidman and Diane Feissel

Denise Fulton and Anastasiya Chy-Fender

Didi Menendez and Arturo Samaniego

Erin Milan and Caitlyn Rooke

Graziella Mura and Astrid Ritmeester

Hubert de Lartigue and Anne-Christine Roda

Indira Cesarine and Sarupa Sidaarth

Jan Anders Nelson and Don Eddy

Jennifer Balkan and Bud Cook

Jess Cross and Anastasiya Chy-Fender

John Hyland and Leo Mancini-Hresko

Josh Hardie and Brianna Lee Hardie

Kathrin Longhurst and Elizabeth Barden

Kerra Taylor and Ellen Starr-Lyon

Kim Leutwyler and Claire Bridge

Laura Spector and Carrie Ann Baade

Laura Tan and Cheney Lansard

Laura Tan and David Hummer

Lupita Carrasco and Elizabeth Selby

Madelyn Sneed-Grays and Jennifer Hartzler

Madelyn Sneed-Grays and Nadine Robbins

Maggie Dietz and Holly Bedrosian

Maria Mangus and Jen Brown

Margie Ball and Lorena Pugh

Maria Techer and Kimberly A. Torres

Melinda Borysevicz and June Stratton

Meredith Spencer Mullins and Jess Cross

Nanci France-Vaz and Dorian Vallejo

Nanette Fluhr and Manu Saluja

Nicole Alger and Judy Takáćs

Nicole Duval and Jodi Gerbi

Nicole Williford and Aleah Chapin

Ofelia Andrades Madariaga and Erin Milan

Patricia Watwood and Daniel Maidman

Pegah Samaie and Brianna Lee Hardie

Rachel Linnmeier and Julianna Wells

Regina Jacobson and Michael Pearce

Regina Jacobson and Odd Nerdrum

Richard William Barnett and Daggi Wallace

Sam Woodfin and Aixa Oliveras

Serena Potter and Cynthia Sitton

Shanna Galloway and Katherine Kean

Sharon A. Preen and Sheryl Boivin

Stephen Mangum and Jennifer Marie Keller

Stephen Mangum and Sara Nordmark

Steven DaLuz and Ali Cavanaugh

Suzanne Johnson and Margret McDermott

Tanya Atanasova and Alessandro Tomassetti

Teresa Brutcher and Jaime Valero

Terri D. Symington and Elina Garipova

Tom McLean and Daire Lynch

Veronica Winters and Tanja Gant

Victor Wang and Ali Cavanaugh

Victor Wang and Steven DaLuz

Victoria Herrera and Stephanie Deshpande

Viktoria Savenkova and Arina Gordienko

Viktoria Savenkova and Michele Murtaugh

Vincent Desiderio and Daniel Maidman

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