First Views

 Painting by Viktoria Savenkova.

Painting by Viktoria Savenkova.


This exclusive privilege is available to long standing members at the $5 tier or higher of PoetsArtists platform at Patreon and or staff members.

The unveiling of first view is open to members who are interested in being placed in prominent art collections.  It is not meant for works being created for one of PoetsArtists' exhibitions. Most of the collectors in our database are interested in figurative artwork but we will consider other subjects and styles.

Participating artists must keep the work away from all social media. Our intention is to give our collectors and members first views of new work which may fit their collection.

Use the form below to submit your folder. Read our general guidelines on how to create a folder.

If your work is accepted for FIRST VIEWS, it will be uploaded to our FIRST VIEW online gallery and linked to our partner, Zhou B Art Center's Artsy page. Only works which are available to promote through the Artsy page will be considered for First Views. Artists will be sent an agreement which must be signed and returned before the work is shown. First Views will be up on Artsy for up to four months unless it sells.

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Click this button if your artwork is available to sell on the Zhou B Art Center's Artsy page. An agreement will be sent if your work is accepted.
Link to your Dropbox Folder. Please make sure your folder contains high resolution images, spec sheet, and short narrative bio.