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Painting The Figure Now 2019

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Painting The Figure Now 2019

July to September 2019

Wausau Museum Of Contemporary Art


Zhou B Art Center, Chicago

DEADLINE: April 15, 2019

Publication and Traveling Exhibition


This is an invitational and open call for publication and exhibition at the Wausau Museum Of Contemporary Art and Zhou B Art Center in Chicago. The 2019 season has several curators inviting artists to participate in the publication. All the invited artists will be published in a special edition of PoetsArtists with many of the curators writing about their selections.

The museum directors of each venue (David Hummer and Sergio Gomez) will then choose from all the published works which will hang in their venue.

Invited artists and those accepted from the open call from our members will all be published. The venue directors will then select from the publication which works will hang. If your work is selected to hang in both, it will be transported from WMOCA to ZBAC. Artists are responsible for shipping to and from the venue where the work is hanging unless it sells. We will notify all accepted artists for the publication and whose work will be hanging sometime after the deadline. Furthermore, if your work is not selected to be hung at either venue, we will offer the selected published artists an option to have the work available through on online exclusive exhibition on the Zhou B Art Center’s Artsy and/or Artnet page. Agreements from both venues will be sent to all the artists. Their commission structure will be in place. It will vary so please make sure to read the agreements carefully.

Please note that if your work is selected to exhibit by both venues the artwork will hang for approximately 6 months. You have an option to choose both venues or one. See submission form.

The window of opportunity to the general public to submit is now closed.

If you are a yearly member, Patreon member, or monthly subscriber, please use our universal form to submit your entries.

Alexandra Manukyan

Alexandra Manukyan

Invited Artists by our curators which include Didi Menendez, Jay Menendez, Victoria Selbach, Zach Tutor, Barry Blinderman, John Dalton, Leslie Guy, Daniel Maidman, Sergio Gomez, and Lorena Kloosterboer.

Anne-Christine Roda - Didi Menendez
Sharon Sprung - Didi Menendez
O'Neil Scott - Didi Menendez
Nadine Robbins - Didi Menendez
Michael Van Zeyl - Didi Menendez
David Hummer - Didi Menendez
Conor Walton - Lorena Kloosterboer
Daryl Zang - Lorena Kloosterboer
Natalie Holland - Lorena Kloosterboer
Walt Morton - Didi Menendez
Shane Berkery - John Dalton
Adam Miller - John Dalton
Lucy Hardie - John Dalton
Nick Alm - John Dalton
Vincent Desiderio - John Dalton
Bo Bartlett - John Dalton
Rebecca Leveille - Didi Menendez
Patricia Watwood - Daniel Maidman
Laura Tan - Lorena Kloosterboer
Patty Horing - Victoria Selbach
Alexandra Tyng - Didi Menendez
Patrick Earl Hammie - Didi Menendez
Pamela Wilson - Didi Menendez
Melodye Benson Rosales - Didi Menendez
Kohshin Finley - Didi Menendez

Alonsa Guevara - Victoria Selbach
Sara Scribner - Jay Menendez
Sarah Muirhead - Jay Menendez
Kathrin Longhurst - Didi Menendez

Amanda Grieve - Lorena Kloosterboer
Heather Joy Morgan - Daniel Maidman
Martin Campos - Daniel Maidman
Caitlin Karolczak - Daniel Maidman
Jacob Hicks - Daniel Maidman
Nick Ward - Didi Menendez
Yunior Hurtado Torres - Didi Menendez
Jodie Herrera - Didi Menendez
Brianna Lee - Didi Menendez
Arturo Cabrera - Jay Menendez

Julia Haw - Barry Blinderman
Mel Cook - Barry Blinderman
Grace Graupe-Pillard - Barry Blinderman
Krista Profitt - Barry Blinderman
Reuben Negron - Didi Menendez
Alexandra Manukyan - Didi Menendez
Alexandra Grant - Zach Tutor
Philip Gladstone - Jay Menendez
Daniela Kovacik- Sergio Gomez
Carmen Chami - Sergio Gomez
Elsa Muñoz - Sergio Gomez
Salvatore Graci - Sergio Gomez

Riley Holloway - Didi Menendez
Sylvia Maier - Leslie Guy
Alicia Brown - Victoria Selbach
Jenny Hansen - Barry Blinderman
May Mayhew - Sergio Gomez
Mike Brewer - Sergio Gomez

Artists will be added as confirmed for the publication.
Artists who are curated to the exhibition from the invited list above and the open call will be notified by email via their curator or Didi Menendez.

*BOLD available to show at both venues.

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