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Submission and exhibition calls.

Figurative Art Mentorship

Photo by Debra Livingston

Photo by Debra Livingston

Submissions open May 30, 2019.
Submissions close July 15, 2019

We are implementing a figurative mentorship program and searching for the right individual to help kick off what we hope to be a successful evolving program.

Our plan is to offer the tools necessary to the selected artist to help them meet the demands of submitting to calls, grants, competitions, and exhibitions. Didi Menendez will pay the submission fees and assistance with shipping to venues whenever applicable. Walt Morton and Didi Menendez will coach the artist into what works should be submitted and help in the direction of their artistic goals. We will consult with the selected artist as to which calls they should submit to and which ones to avoid. We will critique works in progress. We will oversee their social media and help increase it. Plus all the other benefits we are currently offering our members. The selected artist will by default receive a year’s worth of entries into PoetsArtists submission calls. Regular guidelines apply.

This offer involves assistance to an established or thriving artist who is crazy talented but doesn’t know what to do with it. Any artist who is open, does not have an established path, and is willing to let us take over their career as if they were a blank canvas for a year is a good candidate.

If you are Patreon member please use the universal form to fill out your application. If you are a yearly member please check the Facebook group. If you are not already a member, please use this link to submit. There is a submission fee of $25 if you are not a member. If this is successful program and something which is in-demand we will open up more spots in the near future through the Patreon tiers.

Here are some of the aspects we will be reviewing with your submission.

  1. Were directions followed correctly when submitting?

  2. Is the artist’s main subject the figure?

  3. Is the artist a painter? We are not currently considering photographers, poets, writers, or sculptors. Our goal is to enter the artworks into figurative calls.

  4. Does the artist already have an established career and is in public collections? If so, then please do not submit to this call.

  5. Has the artist had some falling out with their career and could use a new direction but are still humble enough to admit it? Please submit.

Up to ten finalist will be selected from the submissions and we will reach out for a chat through Facebook messenger before making our final selection. Please note that we will not make public who we have chosen to mentor until after the year is up.

Please note that this is the first of a trial basis. If after the year we do not see any improvement we will not continue the program.

Leave comments below if you have any questions.