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Submission and exhibition calls.

Submission Calls (Publication-No Entry Fees)

Our magazine is now featuring curated sections in each issue allowing an array of artwork and poetry to be highlighted by the guest curator or editor. These are publication calls. Please read our issues before submitting. We will only contact artists and poets whose work is accepted. Read our guidelines before preparing your files for submission.

Artwork does not have to be new or created specifically for these calls. Older artworks are encouraged and we hope to find new appreciation for them. Some artists will be offered Artsy placement if the work is available.

Each curated section will feature up to ten artworks. The curators are encouraged to write an introduction about the works they chose.

The format for the publication is available in print, PDF, and digital. We do not offer complimentary print copies. A free download will be available for a limited time for contributors.

Here are the themes available to submit to. Each section has a deadline. Please bookmark and come back to check on new calls.


Edited by Joshua Gray

Strong poems with an emphasis on the music of the poem. New poems only. One poem per submission.

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Beyond realism: Untold stories in portraiture
Curated by Veronica Winters

Every painting has a story. Show us a unique person through his/her setting, color scheme, age, ethnicity, clothing, lighting, environment or composition. Stories and execution are open to the artist’s interpretation. Art can be painted or drawn in various media (paintings, drawings, mixed media) and doesn’t have to fit into traditional realism category. Artistic vision and craft matter the most in this call. Art must relate to portraiture. 

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Abstract Realism
Curated by Jacques Bodin

Abstract Realism is the infusion of the elements of design with the depiction of real life in visual art. It is not easily defined because it is a contradiction of two terms

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The 60’s
Curated by Lauren Peterson

The Summer of Love, Dylan, the Vietnam War, Woodstock. Whether you lived through it or not, the 60s is one of the most fascinating decades. Art should be based on an event, song, fashion, person, or idea that emerged in the 60s. All visual mediums are accepted.

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Ties That Bind
Curated by Elizabeth Barden

We are bound by family ties, the bonds of friendship, the connection between lovers, the relationship between a human and an animal, the attachment to a memory, a parent bonds with a child. We can be duty bound, bound by faith, tied to our jobs, tied down, tied up, bound to the pursuit of something. We cut ties. A force or feeling can unite, with a shared emotion, experience or feeling. Ties that bind, ties that break. Only traditional paint mediums are accepted for this call.

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Life in Southern California
Curated by Susan Lizotte

How do painters in Southern California feel today about working and living in a state consumed by disasters. Figurative work expressing the artist’s interpretation will be considered.

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Contemporary Coded Messages
Curated by Melissa Hefferlin

“Contemporary Coded Messages” seeks still life paintings as delivery mechanisms for non-verbal communication, in the manner of a 1980’s mixed tape created to share strong emotions indirectly. Sometimes something difficult to discuss could be best described in a tableau. Perhaps something extremely precious which comes out clumsily with words can be said with a symbolic composition. The intended recipient of the painting’s message may be an individual or humanity at large, or anything/anyone at all. That the message can be deciphered by non-recipients is not a requirement, only that there clearly is a message which invites contemplation and curiosity. All modern representational styles considered.

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A Bit Of Whimsy
Curated by Marc Scheff

This submission call is for figurative-based small works, with just a bit of whimsy. What that whimsy is, I leave to the artist. Easily found definitions include: “playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor” and “a thing that is fanciful or odd.” Whimsy could be explored through color, composition, abstraction, geometry, form, juxtaposition, narrative, materials, etc.


  • The artwork should deal primarily with the figure as its subject.

  • The work does not have to adhere to strict definitions of realism.

  • The work does have to be representational in part or whole. We should be able to point to at least something in the work and name it.

  • Any physical media.

  • No photography, video, collage, or digital art.

  • All work must be the artist’s original conception, executed entirely by the artist.

  • Paintings should have an unframed size of 9x12 or smaller.

  • Up to two entries per artist. Members may use the universal form to submit.

  • Paintings must be available for sale through our Artsy listing at 33 Contemporary.

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Curated by Didi Menendez

Submit artwork which has the feel of the mid-century (post WWII to 1975). Any mediums acceptable including photography, drawings, paintings, digital, collages, mixed media, and sculptures. Artwork should be available to sell on Artsy. Preferably new work.

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