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Victoria Selbach

Victoria Selbach

Known for her powerful life-size nude depictions of women caught at the intersection of light and shadow, Victoria Selbach paints the female figure in celebration of the vitality and strength of the contemporary goddess—the heroic indomitable spirit in all women. Through her art, she seeks to examine individual experiences and shared journeys which connect us in meaningful ways, and how they influence our interactions with the world. Pondering on the complexities that ultimately contribute to who we are and how we behave, Selbach searches for a deeper truth, seeking enlightenment through the act of painting.

Selbach’s gaze is directed through a deep connection to the women who bring their complex identity into the moment, and carry their unique strength and presence into the painting.

The complexity of light surrounding and emanating from the subject is investigated through a unique approach to seeing and painting – one that involves breaking down the light into layers of color and restructuring them, one pigment at a time, in multiple layers, to create her signature luminous glow and pools of rich shadow.

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Victoria Selbach – Kali Ma | acrylic on canvas | 60 x 50 | 2017

Victoria Selbach’s painting entitled Kali Ma is a portrait of curator Mashonda Tifrere, who launched ArtLeadHER as a dynamic platform to celebrate, support, and bring awareness to creative women thriving in the male-dominated art world. Selbach describes Tifrere as, “a warrior for women artists, a true Shero.” In this painting—which is part of her Goddess series celebrating the strength and courage of contemporary women—Selbach beautifully depicts Tifrere as the powerful Goddess Kali Ma, the divine female warrior and destroyer of evil forces, who speaks truth to ego, shattering the illusion of a self-centered view of reality. Skillfully capturing the strength within, this heroine’s warm, sensual curves and steady, confident gaze juxtapose strikingly against the bright blue background, a massive sky representing positivity and invoking the omnipresent power of Amazon warriors we recognize in today’s global female leaders. Selbach painted this portrait larger than life so that the luminous, towering image elevates women as divine forces of nature.