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MIGUEL ANGEL MOYA was born in Valencia in 1970. He began his Fine Arts degree at the Facultad Politécnica de Valencia in the late 80s, giving up two years later, disappointed by the method of teaching at the Faculty. Around the same time he met the realistic painter Francisco Ugeda, in whose workshop he learned the technical fundamentals of painting. In 1992 he has his first exhibition in Denia, Spain. Moya also studied the Violin receiving an advanced degree in the discipline. He combined painting with his work as a musician for years, but left the violin in 2002 to fully focus on his career as a painter. Since then, Moya has exhibited his work across Europe, United States and China. In 2008 he has his first solo exhibition in Madrid (Santiago Echeberría Gallery) in 2011 he had a solo exhibition in New York.