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General Guidelines

Updated March 18, 2019

Our members whether through Patreon, yearly, or monthly subscription may submit to as many PoetsArtists calls as *they qualify for ($10 and yearly) and then some. All our upcoming submissions are found HERE.

Basic Information

  • We will only contact members if the work is accepted.

  • Artists are responsible for shipping to and from the venue.

  • All artwork submitted must be available to sell unless otherwise noted.

  • Not all artwork has to be new or created specifically for a call. Read each call to verify.

  • If an artwork for a call is requested where we state NEW that means it may not have been shown previously online or exhibited.

  • If a new artwork created for a specific call is accepted then PoetsArtists reserves FIRST PUBLISHING RIGHTS for said piece and expects to be the first to publish the image or poem.

  • Images of artwork accepted into our exhibitions will be used to promote the exhibition and publication. We will use social media and articles to help promote the artist and exhibition.

  • Images will be sent to the press to see if they have an interest in writing articles to further promote the exhibition.

  • Artists whose work is accepted are encouraged to contact their local newspapers and send information about their work in the exhibition.

  • Requests for attributions back to PoetsArtists group exhibition (name of the exhibition) should be mentioned in all future publications.

Images and Files

  • Submit high resolution images 300 DPI with a minimum of 3000 pixels wide.

  • Images should be in JPG format RGB color and not TIFF or any other format.

  • Title all images like this: First Name_Last Name_Title of Work_medium_Size in inches_Year.

  • Title all text files with your name and what it is. For example: Your Name_Bio

What happens upon acceptance.

  • If your artwork or poetry is accepted for an exhibition please do not submit it to another group show or publication. If you prefer to have your work in another show then send a formal letter to have it withdrawn to dididmenendez at icloud.com. 

  • All artwork must be available to sell at the time of the physical exhibition. 

  • Artists are responsible for the shipping of their work to and from the venue.

  • You will be contacted by the publisher and/or the curator that your work has been accepted and will be asked for additional materials which may consist of additional images and copy for the publication/catalog.

  • An artist agreement for publication and/or group show will be provided after acceptance.

  • All email correspondence will serve as confirmation of acceptance for publication and/or group exhibitions.

  • Missed deadline for publication will exclude artists from the exhibition. In other words, if you are not in the publication, you are not in the show.

  • Galleries and/or museums directors will select from the curated publication the works to be hung unless otherwise stated.

  • Artwork received for shows which were not properly represented in the original images submitted will be withdrawn.

Complimentary Copies
We do not offer complimentary copies to our contributors.

Artsy, Artnet, Internet Shop, and PA Online Gallery
For virtual exhibitions, one of the online venues we collaborate with may be chosen for virtual exhibitions and sales on Artsy, Artnet or the online PA Gallery. The artists who are granted this benefit will be sent an artist agreement and/or request to have in writing the pricing, specs and other important information confirming the work may be up to sell online.

Honorary Fees
When a sale takes place from a publication and the work was not chosen to exhibit, there is are honorary fees entitled to the venue and/or publisher or gallery. These fees may include the customary commission of the sale. Our database of collectors and followers may contact an artist directly. We expect the artist to come through and honor the sale and pay the commission due. Most times our publisher finds out about these sales from the collector directly so it is a good idea to be communicative when such a sale takes place.

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Our online editorials are encouraged to be shared in blogs, and other social media websites attributing PoetsArtists and the writer of the article. We cover various exhibitions in the USA whenever possible and abroad.