PoetsArtists Calendar Year full of submission calls. We have curated issues, gallery events, and more planned. Make sure to bookmark.


Please do not submit if you do not understand the guidelines. First and foremost all artists accepted to shows are responsible for the shipping to and from the gallery. No exceptions. If you need help please contact us at didimenendez at

We will only contact you if your work is accepted. If you do not hear from us then please consider our silence as as a rejection for publication but not a rejection of your work. Please consider submitting again, keeping in mind our brand and theme for the issue.

General Guidelines
-Please do not submit the same artwork to more than one call at a time.
-Only submit artwork which fits the theme prepared by the editor/curator.
-Submit high resolution images 300 DPI with a minimum of 1500 pixels wide.
-Images should be in JPG format RGB color and not TIFF or any other format.
-Title your folders with your first and last name and add the name of the call. For example Didi_ Menendez_Chevere. Images should also include your name including the title, medium, size, and year. For example: Didi_Menendez_Chevere_oiloncanvas_10x8inches_2017.
-Place a text file with your contact information including your email address and web site along the images inside the folder. If the text file is missing with your contact information then we will not be able to reach out to you.
-We will only contact you if your work is accepted for publication.

What happens upon acceptance.
- If your artwork or poetry is accepted for an exhibition please do not submit it to another group show or publication. If you prefer to have your work in another show then send a formal letter to have it withdrawn. Artists whom do not follow our guidelines or honor our curator's vision for the exhibitions will not only be withdrawn from showing but will not be invited to any future exhibitions and publications.
- Artists are responsible for the shipping of their work to and from the exhibition gallery.
- You will be contacted by the publisher and/or the curator that your work has been accepted and will be asked for additional materials which may consist of additional images and copy for the publication.
- An artist agreement for publication and/or group show will be provided upon acceptance. All email correspondence will serve as confirmation of acceptance for publication and/or group exhibitions.
- Missed deadline for publication will exclude artists from the show. In other words, if you are not in the publication, you are not in the show.
- Artwork received for shows which were not properly represented in the original images submitted will be withdrawn.

How to prepare for publication and/or PA group shows.
In anticipation for acceptance or general practice artists should consider having some of items ready for publication. Some of these items may include an updated CV, a narrative short bio, high resolution images of the artwork, new photos of yourself for exclusive use of PoetsArtists, general artist statements and information about the individual works submitted. Please note that our publisher may also ask for videos or process statements.

Anthologies and special end-of-the-year publications.
A suggestion is to organize a desktop folder for specific use of PoetsArtists should your work be requested for an anthology. This is good practice in general.

Complimentary Copies
We do not offer complimentary copies to our contributors. We do not charge fees either.

Finder's Fees
Besides publishing, and offering group exhibitions, we are constantly reaching out to collectors and showing them your new work. We do not charge fees for any of our internaal services. However we do have an honorary finder's fee in place where you may donate a percentage of any sales generated by our staff's efforts to place your work in collections. See the donate button below.